A Remarkable Ceratopsian from the
Judith River Formation of Central Montana
© Judith the Dinosaur
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Judith's Journey
“Judith” is a dinosaur that lived and died among its contemporaries 75 million years ago. This is the story of an improbable set of events that began with Judith’s death in the lowlands of North America’s central basin. Please click 'View the video' on the right panel.

The first chapters of Judith’s story took place over millions of years. We follow the progress of Judith through a series of natural processes that, remarkably, preserved her bones.

Beginning in 2005, with the discovery of Judith’s fossilized bones eroding from a hillside, subsequent chapters tell of bringing Judith into the literature of science. Our tale now includes the contributions of many people, mostly amateurs, who found their opportunity to participate in Judith’s Journey.
North American Contenental Seaway
'Judith' Digsite
'Judith' Bonebed